Friday, 5 October 2007

Typhoon Krosa On The Way

It's typhoon time again, this time it's called Krosa. The government has announced that there is no work or school tomorrow. There was some criticsm of the government after typhoon Wipha passed through, it's effects were not as strong as feared so many were upset at the day off, claiming that it cost them a great deal of money in lost earnings, and some students and teachers had to make up the lost day on the following saturday. Krosa looks pretty strong so far, it's a category 4, and most tracking projections have it making landfall on the island, unlike Whipha which passed by just north of Taiwan. So far it looks as though it will make landfall on the northern tip of Taiwan, or just skim the coast, around 3am sunday morning, which puts Taipei pretty much right in its path, but these beasties don't always do what people think they will. Nevertheless, saturday and sunday look pretty rough around these parts........

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