Sunday, 7 October 2007

Surveying The Damage

Typhoon Krosa was a surly ol' bitch, causing mudslides, flooding, uprooting trees, blowing stuff about that shouldn't be blown about. My apartment has metal sliding doors at it's entrance, and the roof overhangs by about two metres, so normally whan it's raining I can stand out there and not get wet. Yesterday the wind was so strong that water was spraying in through every tiny gap between the doors and doorframes, not just at the bottom, but all up the sides and at the top as well! I had towels trying to block the gaps, but the water still found a way to blow in. The wind howled liked I've not heard wind howl before. This morning I want out for a walk. It was a perfectly calm morning, as the typhoon has now moved away from the island, on toward mainland China, but rain continued to fall, as it does now 15 hours later. The roads were a sea of green, strewn with leaves and branches blown from trees. Many trees have been uprooted. In parts of northern Taiwan more the 1000 (one thousand!) millimetres of rain have fallen, so far....... meanwhile, more than one million people in mainland China have been evacuated from areas in Krosa's path.

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