Monday, 5 April 2010

Some Travelling, More Waiting

A trip to New Zealand was had, which for the past few years has become par for the course around this time of year. The pears have finished and around here there is usually a break between pears, the early apple varieties, and the start of the main apple crop (here Granny Smith, Sundowner, Pink Lady).
New Zealand was great as usual, spent time with Eroica and Jeff, savouring with them episodes of coffee, beer, nightime city wanderings, and their witty banter. With Steve and Renata and little Tiago, nights of meat and beer and blatting in the '65 big block impala hand built and just finished by Steve, sister Karyn the woodchopper and sawer competing at the Methven A&P show, a trip to Rotorua to see Steve and Mel, and meet young Pheadra, it had been way too long, and surprised and overjoyed to see Andrea, Jeremy and Vege aka Darryl after how long? Ten years?............
Now back on the orchard, to be given two days work then a week off because the apples aren't quite ready, and the neighbouring farms all in the same boat. Waiting.
Such is the life of the fruitpicker.