Monday, 15 October 2007

View from my balcony

Here's a shot looking out from my balcony, showing the street below and apartment buildings opposite. In the top left corner is Taipei 101


Evan said...

Which looks so much more alive and human than the 88 storey monstrosity.

Hello Xu Xu said...

You are so right Evan, the 101 mall can leave you dazed and depressed and feeling sad for humanity's shallow materialistic shortcomings, although it is interesting to be able to see and feel what a $US1000 shirt is like, to me it's like only damn fools would buy a shirt like that, whereas live for a month on my street you will make friends with princes and paupers alike, people will look into your face to see who you are, rather than judge you by your shoes, clothes or handbag.