Monday, 30 July 2007

Who is Mr Quinky?

Welcome to the first posting on Mr Quinky's Eye For Detail. Why call it Mr Quinky, well it's a nickname I'm being called during my stay in Olomouc, Moravia, Czech Republic. If I happened to be in Taiwan it could easily have been called "Hello Su Su's Eye For Detail", or in another place perhaps "Mondegas' Eye For Detail".

Actually don't be surprised if the title changes depending upon the country I happen to be in!


Captain Oddsocks said...

Top dollar Mr Quinky! Looking forward to reading about what your eye uncovers...

Vivi said...

Hi Mr. Quinky,
Love the nick name. I was wondering if that was it when I clicked on the who is Mr. Quinky.
But it is better then Mr, Quicky.
Hope you are enjoying your time in czech republic?

Carms said...

Hi there Greg!

Nice blog you have here. I've been doing some blogging too - mostly around Sydney (where I live now). I'll add you to my RSS reader so I can follow your travels - Carmen :)