Friday, 28 August 2009

Goodbye Goodnight

Two and a half months living on the bank of the Murray river has come to an end. We've picked the last bin of oranges and pruined the last grapevine. The stonefruit trees are blossoming and some of the vines in the district are stirring from their winter sleep. Now it's time for a break. Next week Jen flies to Taiwan to spend time with her family, and I'll be doing a little travelling, to New Zealand, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. It's perhaps a good time to leave, the weather is getting warmer, and in this part of the world a hot day can nudge 50 C or 122 F. The mosquitos are becoming braver and the barley grass is drying and will soon be embedded in socks and trousers.

1 comment:

Francie said...

Wow, that photo of the frozen oranges is fantastic!

Looking forward to seeing you very much over here. Enjoy Taiwan Jen!