Friday, 12 September 2008

Typhoon Sinlaku

Typhoon Sinlaku, meaning "goddess" in Micronesian, has become a slow (7kph) moving super typhoon on a path toward northern Taiwan. It is due to either make landfall or pass very close by the north of the island late saturday night/early sunday morning. It is forcast to strengthen and expand in size, although it already has sustained winds of 184kph. It will certainly put a dampener on the traditional mid-autumn or moon festival which is this coming sunday. There has already been alot of torrential rain during the past two days. The Taiwan Central Weather Bureau defines torrential rain as more than 200mm in a 24 hour period. Jenny and I will be attending a wedding banquet tomorrow evening. These tend to be lavish affairs planned months in advance and are unable to be postponed so tomorrow may be somewhat of an adventure.

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