Saturday, 12 April 2008

Some vitriolic comment

China is big news at the moment, especially with the Olympics looming and the associated contoversies regarding the torch relay and Tibet. My view is that China is actually trying to be very well behaved now, as they are hoping to make the Olympics a showcase for the Chinese nation and people. If people are upset with China now, wait until the Olympics are over, then the Chinese nation will be free to show it's true colours. They will not need to show "restraint" when dealing with meddlesome elements either within China or abroad. Chinese state controlled companies are also investing or trying to invest heavily in foreign enterprises, such as western banking institutions, automobile manufacturers, steel and mineral ore corporations ecetera. They have already manouvered themselves into an unassailable position of power in the world, but thus far have chosen not to flex any of this power, but I feel than once the Olympics are over that this may change.....

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