Friday, 7 September 2007


Last night at around 1:51am there was an earthquake measuring 6.6 off the coast of Taiwan. A 5.7 quake followed four minutes later. Taiwan has quite a lot of earthquakes, and I've experienced a few, when I've been in bed they've been the:
roll over and go back to sleep variety,
lie there with your eyes open wondering when it will stop variety, or
sit up with you heart beating wondering if will get stronger or just fade away variety.
Last night was a new kind, it was the wake up and "things shaking and rattling, no I'm not on the metro I'm in bed - leap out of bed in a flash put on your clothes in a flash realise you're on the eigth floor go stand under a doorway try and keep your beating heart inside your chest" variety.
It lasted for about 30 seconds and took a while to get back to sleep afterwards.
A three quarter length mirror in the bathroom fell over, luckely it landed on a bathmat and did't smash.


frogstar said...

hmm, i'm sure i left a comment on here a few days back! i've been having problems with blogger lately.
glad you survived the upheaval, bit scary huh!
not sure how long i'll be in the desert, might leave for the hottest months and then go back, we'll see. would love to have you visit!

fishboy said...

Gawd, and they call NZ the shaky isles? We got nothing on that! Glad to see you survived mate..