Sunday, 5 August 2007

the chess grand master

I saw this chess master in action when I was in Olomouc two years ago, and just happened to find myself in the upper square a few days ago and was able to see him in action again. Basically there are 25 boards set up, and he moves from table to table, playing all 25 people at once. Many of his opponents were obviously quite skilled, writing down every move played thoughout their game, relishing the opportunity to pit their skills against a grand master. He would make many of his moves without more than a couple of seconds hesitation, with pehaps three or four of his opponents giving him cause for longer consideration. On this occasion he was in fact playing only 24 opponents, as the bearded fellow in the denim jacket sitting in the foreground of the photograph is one of the local drunks, he and a couple of his comrades were having a rather animated game of their own!


Mark said...

Brill Mr Q. Reminds me of our own games over a brew or two at Poets' Corner. We'll have to have a game or two in November when you hit Syd

Greg Quinn said...

I'll deifinately give you a call when I'm back in Sydney. Had a few games with Francie's brother Dennis when I was at Poets'. And a brew or two as well.